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About Me

Yellow Sisii (which literally translates to fair girl/woman in Nigerian pidgin English) is a beauty and lifestyle blog that focuses on beauty, skincare. lifestyle on a budget. If you're looking to know the latest beauty trends and how you can kill the makeup game like the beautiful people you see all over social media but without breaking the bank, then look no further because you have come to the right place. Or you just want to know the best spots I go to have fun or even the never-ending struggles of losing weight(it will end in Jesus name lol) that all add up to my life , do stick around.
            My name is Wendy and I used to be a tomboy. I never cared about the latest hairstyles, brushing my hair or even applying lip gloss. All I cared about was novels, laughing and spending time with my friends. Fast forward to 2013 , I had just graduated from secondary school and was bored out of my mind. My sister was training to be a makeup artist at the time so she forced me to be her model for a day. I went along grudgingly but when she finished and showed me the mirror , I couldn't believe I was the person staring back. I felt so beautiful and that feeling was the defining moment in my tomboy career. I fell completely in love with makeup. Goodbye tomboy, Hello beauty enthusiast. I searched the internet tirelessly and I'm still searching tirelessly for the latest and best beauty tips and how to incorporate it into my limited budget. I created this blog to share all the info I have garnered and tried on myself with you.

       So sit back and go with me on this budget beauty adventure. I recommend you start here

This a picture of me trying to be photogenic PS: I still don't like combing my hair.