Sunday, February 23, 2020

romantic destinations in africa
If you know me then you know that all I do is talk about how badly I want to travel the world. Seeing as this is the season of love, I want to share some of my top travel romantic destinations within Africa with you.

 Traveling doesn't always have to be expensive, you can get cheap flights to these countries and some of them on this list are even visa free countries! They're also all found on the African continent. Africa truly is beautiful. All you have to do is to pack your bags, book your flights and experience the wonders of nature.
madagascar romantic destination

First on the list is Madagascar. Madagascar is an island nation off the coast of Eastern Africa. It has an amazing collection of different species of animals and birds. More than half the worlds population of chameleons live in Madagascar. Fun fact, Madagascar wasn't inhabited by humans up until  about 500AD. It is a gorgeous destination for a nature loving couple.Unlike the movie Madagascar, you wont find tigers, giraffes and hippos here so don't go looking for them.
seychelles romantic destination travelstart

Next up, Seychelles. Seychelles consists of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean just off East Africa. A county that has 115 islands has to have beaches for days, don't you think so? And Seychelles doesn't disappoint. It has an assortment of beautiful beaches and a wide variety of marine life. So if you and your partner just want to lounge around the beach, then make sure you put Seychelles on your list. It is a visa free country for Nigerians. Look at God!

moroccan architecture romantc destinations

Morocco is next on my list. It is a country in North Africa and i have to confess that I am in love with this country.Three cities that I would love to visit are Marrakech with the markets , Chefchaouen the blue city and of course Casablanca. When I think of Morocco, all that comes to mind is the vibrant colors and architecture. I cannot wait to visit this beautiful place. God knows I would be over the moon and the pictures I would take would be over a thousand. Just letting you guys know in advance that I would be disturbing your timeline when I eventually visit Morocco. Sorry, not sorry.
romantic destinations in africa

This list wouldn't be complete if Mauritius isn't on it. Mauritius is an island nation based off the eastern coast of Africa. This country is blessed with beautiful white beaches and clear waters. From the white sands to the Creole inspired food, whats not to love about Mauritius? It is also a visa free country. It looks exactly like paradise to me.
romantic destinations in africa

Finally, Cape Verde. I just discovered the beauty that is Cape Verde last year. It is situated just off the Western coast of Africa. It comprises 10 volcanic islands. When I say that this country is beautiful, believe me. The beaches are perfect for sailing and island-hopping is a great activity that should definitely be on your travel itinerary. Fun fact, a popular slogan used by locals is "no worries" , isn't that perfect for a vacation spot?!

Like I mentioned already, traveling doesn't always have to be expensive. Take advantage of Travelstart that gives you the cheapest flight options to any of these destinations and go on and have the time of your life with the love of your life, your buddies or all by yourself. The most important thing is to make memories that would last you a lifetime and have fun!

Until next time, love and light.

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