Sunday, October 8, 2017

Finding the right foundation shade can be extremely tricky. Especially when buying online. I personally don't buy foundation online , I feel it's too risky. But there's a way around it , both buying the right foundation shade online and in actual stores and I'm going to be sharing a few tips that I've learnt over time and have served me well.

     I recently got a new foundation and when I went home I realized I had made a great mistake because I simply refused to be bothered with following the steps I have always followed. This foundation is a tad bit lighter than my complexion, not my usual coverage and definitely not the right undertone. I'm never going to make such a mistake because I'm certainly going to be following these tips to avoid wasting money and my effort and time to mix this foundation to suit me properly.

• Do your research. Before splurging on that foundation that has caught your eye, make sure you do your research first. Find out the coverage , does it give a light , medium or full coverage. Find out the undertone it has ( make sure you know yours ). I may do a post on how to know your undertone soon , if you're interested please do let me know.  Find out everything about it that you can , read HONEST reviews, watch first impression videos from your favorite guru. After this research if you are still interested in getting it then you go and get it.

• When buying in a store , please try and go with a bare face so the foundation can actually be applied on your face and not your hand or neck which may be lighter or darker than your face. First of all, pick three shades of the foundation that you think you will most likely fall under. Then swatch the foundation on  the side of your face. The color that blends into your skin the best is your foundation shade. I highly recommend you go out of the store to check the authenticity of the swatches with natural light as the light in the store may not give you the best lighting. Another tip is to ask for a sample of that foundation if it is available but if it isn't make sure you do not buy it that instant. I advise you to leave the store and go about your day. As the day goes on, check if the foundation oxidizes (becomes orange looking) or if it gets oily. But if the foundation leaves you satisfied, you can go back the next day and buy it without guilt.

• When buying online , there are some apps and sites that give you shade references. For example, I'm an NC42 in Mac studio fix fluid and I want to buy the Kat Von D lock it foundation but I don't know my shade and it's not available in any store near me, I'll look up for sites like findation.comFindation.com that gives you options according to your previous shade matchings. Findation will basically give you a list of foundations and shades that will probably match your NC42 skin. After getting this shade reference, make sure you use a website that accepts returns because nothing online is ever 100% but if they don't accept returns , make sure they give samples. Test out the samples and if it works for you , then go ahead and buy it but if it doesn't , you won't regret any purchase.

These are tips I've learnt and used over time and I truly hope you've learnt something. If you have your own ways of getting the right foundation shades please let me know in the comment section because there's no such thing as too much knowledge. I pray you have a lovely week ahead.

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