Saturday, July 15, 2017

Hey everyone! Happy new month , how has July been so far? Thursday was my birthday and I'm grateful to God for life. Today I want to teach you how to clean your makeup brushes and sponges for cheap. 

I've noticed that so many people don't clean their makeup brushes , not just because they don't know how to but also because they don't want to buy expensive brush cleaners. So today I'm here to teach you a few things. Cleaning your makeup brushes are very very important. Dirty brushes harbor germs that can cause acne or pimples and that's a big no no. 
I use two things to wash my dirty makeup brushes and sponges ; shampoo/liquid soap (morning fresh) and a white bar of soap. That's all. I'm pretty sure everyone has those things in their houses so you don't need to go out to get some fancy cleaning liquids for makeup brushes that some brands have in the market. So here are the simple steps. 
Cleaning your brushes
1) wet your brush with water 
2) squirt a little shampoo (pea sized) on your palm 
3) swirl your brush in the shampoo until the dirt comes out 
4) rinse out your brush 
N/B: water should only touch the hair part of the brush , it shouldn't go close to the part between the brush hairs and the handle. 
5) repeat steps if brush is still dirty. 

Cleaning your beauty blender 
1) run the beauty blender under the tap , making it wet. 
2) get your bar of soap and swirl the beauty blender in a circular motion. 
3) rinse the beauty blender and repeat previous steps until every part of the beauty blender is clean. 

There you have it. If you follow these simple steps , your brushes and sponges will be clean and ready for use once more. 

Awaken your might, come and save us. 
Psalm 80:26