Wednesday, June 28, 2017

I like to think I'm a positive person. And in this present day and age with the advent of social media, it's a whole lot easier to encounter negativity because of social media. There are mean comments from people you've never met, gossip sites, negative images, etc.  Some people tend to allow these things to sink into their mentality and dampen their moods. This is such a sad sight to see because it's too rampant these days.
I am a positive person and I always try my best to remain that way. Because I'm positive doesn't mean I don't have my moody days but I make an effort to snap out of it before it ruins my day completely. I want to share my practical secrets or tips to remaining positive despite what life throws at you or what we see and encounter in the virtual world.

1) Surround yourself with positive people. You know all those friends that always remind you that you're broke or that you're not as pretty as the most beautiful girl in the world. Discard them. You don't need to surround yourself with Negative Nancy. The only thing they ultimately do is to rain on your parade and spoil your mood. There is a case in court right now involving a boy that was suicidal and his girlfriend. The depressed boy wanted to end his life and his (sick in the head ) girlfriend really persuaded him to go ahead with it. She sent him series of texts urging him to kill himself and he eventually did. Now imagine if the girl was a positive person, someone that would make it her life mission to show her boyfriend the beauty in the world, there is a very high possibility that this boy wouldn't have ended his life. Now, not every negative Nancy will go that far but people don't realize that some "innocent" comments tend to stick to people and affect the person in question. Stay away from negative people and if you are a negative friend, change.

2) Read inspiring and motivational quotes. There are so many places on the Internet where you can find uplifting and motivational quotes. I follow thegoodquote on Instagram , they put up inspiring quotes everyday      
If you're a religious person, there are so many scriptures in the Bible that will motivate and inspire you. Read up on these things and watch you mood lighten up a little.

3) Stand in front of a mirror and compliment yourself. Weird right? Just try it. Hype yourself. Don't focus on your imperfections, focus on your white teeth, high cheekbones , dimples , curly hair, anything at all. Don't do this with people present sha, you'll just be looking like a kolo person.

4) Learn to laugh. When people ask my hobby, I always say laughing. Honestly laughing is beautiful. For that moment you forget your problems and just laugh. You could even laugh at your problems. Watch comedy skits, read memes, install Twitter. Twitter is my go-to app when I want to have a good laugh. I follow the funniest people on there and it's such a wonderful way to let go of your burdens.

5) Believe in yourself. These days it's so easy to doubt yourself and feel your goals will never be accomplished. Especially when you're always on social media. You will see a 20 year old girl showcasing her fleet of cars and you just might be making your daily commute in your school shuttle bus, then you'll keep yourself in a bad mood all day because you don't have 3 cars. This is totally unhealthy. Never ever compare yourself. The only thing you have to do is believe you will make it and you have to back this belief up with hard work.

6) Listen to music. I'm currently drafting this in a taxi on my way home from school with headphones in and Sia's Unstoppable blasting through. It makes me happy. Good music is such a great pastime. There are countless artistes and genres for you to discover.

7) Treat yourself. Give yourself a treat. Go out. See a movie. Buy the most expensive thing you can afford. Stay in. Read books. Catch up on quality time with your loved ones. Just make yourself happy.

8) Learn to forgive. Forgiving someone who has wronged you doesn't just free the person but also frees you. Imagine this, you're angry at what your friend did to you and whenever you see him or her a fresh bout of anger comes up. That anger is a cage around your happiness so when you forgive, you release yourself from that bondage. Don't harbour grudges in your heart.

9) Utilize the block button. Whenever a hateful or mean comment comes up on your page, just block and delete. As simple as that. No need to stress yourself in life.

10) Relax and have fun. Enjoy life. Life is hard but we can make it easier. Whenever you have the opportunity, just relax your mind and rest your body. Do something fun or relaxing to get your mind off the difficulties in life. Never dwell on the past. Live in the moment.

Please take my advice because it would help a lot. Embrace positivity and watch your problems turn around. As usual if you have any other tips , leave in the comment section. Also, if you have need a listening ear , I'm always here. Just shoot me an email.

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Keep on loving one another as brothers and sisters
Hebrews 13:1