Wednesday, June 21, 2017

If you're in Nigeria , you would know we've entered the rainy season. Rain falls everyday and it gets annoying and can stop you from doing things you planned to do. So, we have to find a way around it because we can't wish the rain away. 

Today, I'm sharing with you all the essential things to always have in your bag or backpack this rainy season so the rain will not stop your shine (literally). In the past week, I have gotten soaked twice in the rain so I have learnt from my mistake and I want to share theses tips with you.

1. Portable umbrella. Seems obvious right? It can be easily stored in your bag. It's really affordable and easy to find so it shouldn't be a problem.

2. Hand lotion /moisturizer. Even if you're not stuck in the rain , the wind gets quite chilly. So if you get cold you could always apply a little moisturizer to add a bit of warmth to your hands and skin.

3. Wipes / Tissue. There are mini packs of tissues that you can use to clean off mud or water from your legs or clothes. You can also put a few wipes in your bag for the same reason.

4. Shower cap. Yeah I know. It won't be fashionable. I get that completely but it's better to still look good after the rain than to be completely soaked from head to toe. Besides, extensions aren't cheap so don't spoil your hairdo just because you won't look fashionable for a few minutes.

5. Rubber flip flop or sandals. The probability of the rain into a little flood is very high because there really isn't a good drainage system especially in Rivers state. Your fancy shoes will ruin if you put it into the water. So you can always keep a pair of fancy rubber footwear to change to when the floodgates open.

I hope this post was a little helpful. I know most of the items are obvious but you'd be surprised how many people don't carry these things around. If you have any other item that you feel should be added to the list, let me know in the comments section.

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