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When I was younger, I thought 21 was such a grown up age but in reality, I still feel like a teenager. I'll be 21 really soon and I'm having mixed feelings about it. On one one hand , I'm super excited to turn 21 and on the other , I kinda dread it cause I feel it's taking me a step closer to becoming an old woman. However, I see this as a coming of age phase in my life. A time where I begin to shape myself into the kind of woman that I ultimately want to be. So in the spirit of turning 21, here are 21 things everyone should consider doing before or soon after they turn 21.

1) Travel. Be it out of the country or within the country , alone or with friends and/or family , you should consider changing your environment to experience other cultures and see how things are done in other places. It broadens your mind and it's certainly going to be a life memory. 

2) Experiment with another look. Change your hair or the way you dress to something you've always felt you would never look good in. Don't knock it off until you try it. 

3) Go to see a movie on your own. To me this is such an independent lady move. I'm yet to do it tho but I certainly will before my birthday. 

4) Treat yourself. No matter how broke you are , don't forget to treat yourself. These can be anything at all like a spa day, a manicure/pedicure, shoes or clothes , a bag or a watch. Anything at all that would make you feel good about yourself. 

5) Take a risk. Don't play it too safe. You're young , you should learn to live your life   Whether it's a financial risk or a social risk , just do something out of the norm. Please don't do anything stupid and say Wendy advised you to take risks. I said risk not danger. Apply sense. 

6) Read a book. If you're not the reading type , just try to read one book from the start to the end. I'm sure you'll feel really proud after doing so. I recommend any book by Nora Roberts , Danielle Steele , Dan Brown ,John Grisham or Stephen King. 

7) Set up a savings account. Open an account just for saving and if you feel "I'm too broke what exactly will I be saving?", the trick is to keep aside 20% of whatever money you get. For example, if you get 10k , 20% is 2k might not seem like a lot at first but I assure you the little amount adds up. Make sure you don't take a debit card for that account too. If you think opening an account is too much stress , find a carpenter to make one of those olden days wooden boxes for saving money. 

8) Create some sort of skincare routine. This is very important because your face is not going to be this young looking forever. Taking a few minutes out of your day to add some additional steps in your skincare routine will save you a lot of anti-aging cream and wrinkle free creams when you start to age. 

9) Learn a language. If you can speak your native language, I envy you. But don't stop there , learn any language at all  that fascinates you. 

10) Compliment a (stranger) guy / ask a guy out. You only live once you know, so if the guy you're eyeing is not eyeing you back , go and ask him if he would want to hang out with you sometime. If he says no, accept the rejection because most girls don't know how to deal with rejection. So use that one as a life lesson. But I honestly think you'll get a yes because the guy would be interested to see where it leads to because it's not every time a girl walks up to a guy. 

11) Have a photoshoot. Go all out, hire a makeup artist, photographer and even a stylist to take some amazing photos of yourself. This is such a feel-good activity. 

12) Let go of negative Nancy's. Be all about positivity. If there's any friend that keeps dampening your mood or dreams , let them go. You deserve to be happy. 

13) Get yo' money up. Find a job or side hustle. Have a source of income. It's such a wonderful feeling when you know you don't need anyone to get you the things you need. 

14) Know who your true friends are and treasure them. Observe the friends that support you and help you out in your hard times. Those are your true friends. Treasure them with things as minor as calls, text messages. Just let them know you appreciate them. 

15) Show your parents you appreciate them. Do little things to show them how much you appreciate them because they've done wonderful things for you since they gave birth to you without being told to do those things. 

16) Start that thing you've been putting off. Don't procrastinate any longer. The time is now. Just do it. 

17) Work on yourself. Try to be the best version of you. Whether it's mentally, spiritually or socially , strive for perfection even though perfection is not attainable. Just keep working on yourself till you can find no fault in yourself. Note that I said you ,not people, but you. Listen to what people say but don't let that consume you. 

18) Learn to cook an exotic recipe. It may not even be very exotic but let it just be something out of your normal culinary skills. 

19) Start working out/ eating clean. Your future body will thank you for it and your present body will bang! 

20) Give to the needy. Cultivate the habit of giving selflessly to people who are in need. There are so many charitable organizations, find one and donate anything you can ; food, clothes or money. 

21) Learn to be confident in your skin. Embrace all your flaws. There can never be a better you than the you that you are. So hold your head high and strut like no one is watching. 

I hope you take this bucket list into consideration and begin your journey to becoming the best version of yourself. 

Let me know what you think about this bucket list in the comments section. Is there anything that you think should be on the list?

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The wise store up knowledge, but the mouth of a fool invites ruin. 
Proverbs 10:14


  1. Go girl!....I'm gonna put this to practice!!!...thank you😊

  2. Wow Wendy I so think this is for me. Very motivating

    1. I'm glad it motivated you. Thank you for reading

  3. Are these on your bucket list too?

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  6. This is such a good read girl! Reading through I had already starting counting the things I've done and things I'm about to do just before and after I turn 21. More grace hun

  7. Love this Wendy, keep it up

  8. Wow.. I love this post. I need to go to the movies alone, ask a guy out,lol and learn a language.

  9. Well ain't this something. Really nice piece you've got here