Friday, March 31, 2017

This was one of my purchases from the Port Harcourt Makeup Fair. I got it from the Gifty's Daughter stand for just 1000 naira. This is my first ever glossy lip product and it's safe to say that I've now fallen in love with glossy lips.
        It comes in a standard NYX lip product package. It's very portable which is definitely a plus for people like me that carry their lip products of the day  in their bags.
     It has a light vanilla or butterscotch kind of smell that I love but it doesn't linger so if you don't like scented products, you have no problem.

       This gloss isn't very pigmented to totally cover your natural lip color but it gives it a brownish tint. If you line it with a brown lipliner , it appears totally brown. Now that's the only bit that I don't really like, I wish it was more pigmented but it's alright for that whole "my lips but browner and glossier". It doesn't  gets sticky or tacky after a while but the initial glossiness reduces after some time.
     It lasted for 6-7 hours( eating and drinking included) before I reapplied it. So I'd say that's pretty fair.
    I really like this gloss and I can see myself rocking this on a day to day basis and it's a perfect choice for people who like glossy lips.
Are you matte or glossy kinda girl?

Rating -4.5/5